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Plants of Distinction

Borecole Kale Red Bor F1 Vegetable Seeds

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Red Kale is sweeter and more tender than traditional curly kale.

Redbor kale is delicious steamed, stir-fried or eaten raw, try it finely chopped in an autumn salad.
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Red Kale is sweeter and more tender than traditional curly kale.

Redbor kale is delicious steamed, stir-fried or eaten raw, try it finely chopped in an autumn salad. The distinctive red leaves do not look out of place in an ornamental border either.

Excellent winter hardiness and we are told that pigeons prefer the green types! Enjoy a home grown harvest of Red Kale from October through to the following spring.
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SKU WW-428
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Brand Plants of Distinction
Scientific name Brassica oleracea v. acephala
Common name Curly Kale
Seeds/packet 50
Germination (days) 14
Sowing depth 1 cm
Plantavstånd 40 cm
Exposure Full Sun
Cultivation Advice Cabbages are versatile vegetables with many varieties cropping throughout the year. Spring Cabbage is planted in early spring for mature heads later in the season. Summer Cabbage is sown in April ready to cut in August, Winter Cabbage, sown May for cutting November onwards and Savoy Cabbage, easily recognisable and mainly grown for winter harvest although some varieties mature as early as September and others as late as March. Red cabbages have a much shorter harvest period of September to the end of November but do store well.

Cabbages are harvested by cutting through the stem just above ground level with a sharp knife. After harvesting cut a half inch deep cross in the stump of spring and summer cabbages and you'll be rewarded with a second crop of much smaller cabbages later in the year.

Cabbage, Kale and other brassicas need protecting from slugs, pigeons and caterpillars, all of whom will attempt to devour the crop before you can. Cabbages like a fertile, well draining, moisture retentive, firm soil. The main crop beds should be dug over and firmed a few months before planting.

Cabbage and Kale seed can be sown either directly into a seed bed, or started off in growing cells or seed trays under cover. Seeds should be sown thinly and thinned out to 3 inches as they develop. Germination usually takes 7 to 14 days. Seedlings are ready for transplanting when they have 5 or 6 leaves.

Use a dibber to make a hole large enough to accommodate the root ball and firm the soil around the plant. Spacing between plants varies, for compact heads space at 30cm, for large heads allow 45cm and leave just 15cm between spring cabbage to encourage their conical shape.

Keep the young plants weed free and well watered until established and then only water during dry periods.
Skörd(x) Skörda vid behov genom att bryta av de yttre bladen. Riktigt späda blad är goda i sallad. Smaken blir bättre om frosten fått nypa plantan. Grönkål är en användbar grönsak till vintern som grönsak då det är knappt på annat fräckt i trädgårdlandet och övervintrar i södra och ibland även i mellersta Sverige.
Harvest September
Hybrid F1-Hybrid
Näring Grönkål innehåller mer mineraler och vitaminer än andra kålslag.
Care Easy
KRAV marked No
Brand Plants of Distinction
Kort om odling Så två frön i varje kruka med planteringsjord 4-6 veckor före utplantering. Vattna före sådd. Placera dem varmt, ca 20 grader. Håll jorden fuktig. När fröna grott, placera krukorna, i ett ljust fönster, i ca 15-18 grader. Ta bort den svagaste plantan av de två. Avhärda innan utplantering. Täck med fiberduk hela säsongen.
Height 40-60 cm
Storage Fröer förvaras torrt, mörkt och svalt.
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