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Brussels Sprout Bosworth F1 Vegetable Seeds

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The Christmas Sprout! British bred for sweetness and a crop which is well spaced for easy picking. Excellent variety and a 'must have' for every festive table.
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The Christmas Sprout! British bred for sweetness and a crop which is well spaced for easy picking. Excellent variety and a 'must have' for every festive table.
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SKU WW-403
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Brand Plants of Distinction
Scientific name Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera
Common name Brussel Sprout
Seeds/packet 50
Germination (days) 5-10
Sowing depth 1 cm
Plantavstånd 50 cm
Exposure Full Sun
Cultivation Advice Brussels sprouts are, slow growing, long bearing, tough plants that crop throughout the winter months, by growing both an early and a late-cropping variety it is possible to keep harvesting Brussels sprouts from September through until the following March.

As with other brassicas, such as cabbage, kale and broccoli, Brussels sprouts need a firm soil that is not acidic. Brussels really don’t like to have loose roots, and will produce open rather than tight button sprouts if not firmly planted.

As well as the button-sized veg home-grown sprout provide the added bonus of sprout tops – the cabbage-like head at the top of the plant which can be enjoyed in much the same way.

Brussels sprouts, like other brassicas, need protecting from slugs, pigeons and caterpillars, all of whom will attempt to devour the crop before you can. They perform best in fertile, well draining, moisture retentive, firm soil.

Brussels sprouts seed can be sown either directly into a seed bed, or started off in growing cells or modular trays under cover. Begin sowing early varieties of Brussels sprouts at the end of March. Sow seeds 1cm deep in rows spaced 15cm apart, or use modular trays. Germination usually takes 7 to 14 days. Seedlings are ready for transplanting from April. Thin seedlings planted in open ground as soon as they appear, spacing between 5 and 7cm apart. Transfer tray grown young plants to their permanent growing position as soon as they reach 10-15cm tall, usually before the end of May. By June your young Brussels sprout plants should be firmly planted into their final positions and given the support that they will need as they grow.

Sprouts form first at the bottom of the plant and continue forming toward the top for several weeks. Remove sprouts by twisting them until they break away from the plant. As you remove the lower sprouts, you can also remove the yellowing leaves and the plant will continue to grow upward, producing more leaves and more sprouts. You can trick the sprouts into maturing all at once by cutting off the top of the plant about 3 weeks before you want to harvest.
Skörd(x) Skörda på senhösten allteftersom rosorna blir färdiga. Börja underifrån. Smaken blir bättre om plantan utsätts för några frostnätter. Bästa sättet att förvara dem är förvälla och frysa.
Ready to Harvest Late
Harvest September
Hybrid F1-Hybrid
Fruit Size 3 cm i diameter
Näring Kål är rikast på antioxidanter bland grönsaker, dvs vitaminer och och andra ämnen som skyddar mot hjärt-och kärlsjukdomar och cancer.
Care Medium
KRAV marked No
Language on package English
Brand Plants of Distinction
Kort om odling Så två frön i varje kruka (ca 11 cm) med planteringsjord 4-6 veckor före utplantering. Vattna före sådd. Placera dem varmt, ca 20 grader. Håll jorden fuktig inte blöt. När fröna grott, placera krukorna, i ett ljust fönster, i ca 15-18 grader. Ta bort den svagaste plantan av de två. Avhärda innan utplantering. Täck med fiberduk hela säsongen.
Height 80 cm
Storage Fröer förvaras torrt, mörkt och svalt.
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